Break the Targets is a unique time-trial platformer game with simple controls featuring hundreds of levels and an online leaderboard for competitive placing.


  • 140 Increasingly challenging levels to be completed under 30 seconds
  • 25 SSBM Tribute Stages with online leaderboards
  • Level Editor - Create and share levels with the Community
  • Hundreds of Community Levels
  • 2 Characters with unique properties, attacks, and unlockable special attacks
  • TOP 500 Leaderboard available ingame for each level
  • Clean, responsive controls as well as beautiful visual elements
  • Play against yourself, the Author, or against a Leaderboard Ghost
  • Share a replay with your friends or spectate amazing replays from the community
  • Gamepad support + configuration
  • TAS Support with Action Script Editor and Dedicated leaderboards

Bonus Game Modes:

  • Juggle - Hit the ball trought various stage as fast as possible
  • Battle Discord - Play against other players in real time on a unique random level
  • Target Buster Mode - How many targets can you destroy in 1 minute?
  • Running Buster Mode - How far can you go in 2 minutes?
  • Powershield Mode - Increase your powershielding reflexes!
  • Canon Mode - Catch the targets before they crash on the ground
  • Endurance Mode - A long level with increasing difficulty and checkpoints along the way
  • Survival - Stay Alive as long as possible
  • Marathon - Speedrun all levels or a segment of the game in one single run
  • Random Mode - How many micro levels can you complete in 60 seconds?
  • Tribute Pack Riddle - Collect as many targets as possible without touching the ground
  • Tribute Pack Mode5 - Timer stop at 5 targets
  • Advanced BTT School - Complete technical challenges to earn badges
  • And even more!


  • 165 hidden Silver Bolts to find
  • +180 cards to collect
  • Discord Integration with bot features and dedicated mode
  • Online shareable profile
  • Wiki available


Default controls use WASD, so be sure to change adapt it to your keyboard settings. Press the Rope Button to create a rope while close enough to an attachable object to traverse dangerous terrain. Use your shield (Airdodge in air) to avoid getting hit by the charge shot and other projectiles! Additional characters abilities like laser, bomb, phantasm or teleport are also unlockable after reaching the required XP level.
These techniques add a new dimension to the game and provide new ways to complete all levels in a shorter time.
Join the discord to seek for help, find opponents for Discord Battles or to discuss with experienced players about the game.

If you find any bug, please use the bug tracker to be sure I've officially took care of it.

Music by Ozzed (Licenced CC-BY 3.0)
Music by Eric Skiff (Licenced CC-BY 3.0)
Trailer Music by NeXsard (Licenced CC-BY 3.0)
Sweden Translation by Charleon


Speedrun | Platform

Cross platform leaderboards and ghost sharing. Language: French / English / Sweden / Chinese. Steam version has 130+ achievements and leaderboards for every level.

Available on
Google Play





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Report any bug or suggestion here. Bugs are usually fixed within 48h.


Join the Discord to find experienced players, seek help or aything else.


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